Paint by Sticker Kids: Outer Space

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Blast Off Into Outer Space With Stickers

It’s no wonder the Paint by Sticker Kids series has skyrocketed in sales and now has over 3 million copies in print. What better fun, creative, screen-free, and mess-free activity is there—especially when families are spending more time at home?   

Introducing the newest interstellar addition to the series: Paint by Sticker Kids: Outer Space goes where no Paint by Sticker book has gone before. Kids will love stickering a Mars rover, a space shuttle, an astronaut, iconic celestial bodies like Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sun, and more! Plus, the back of each image includes a fascinating scientific fact about each galactic subject.

The stickers are easy for little hands to handle. And because there’s no paint involved, there’s no splatter, drips, or hassle of cleanup. Just peel off the stickers, place them on the corresponding numbered spaces, and watch a vibrant image emerge. And, in the spirit of outer space exploration, some images will include awesome glow-in-the-dark stickers.