Paint by Sticker: Plants and Flowers

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The Paint by Sticker series is growing—literally! Paint by Sticker: Plants and Flowers will have 12 stunning images of all kinds of plants— a spotted stargazer lily, a white lotus floating on the surface of a pond, the majestic Saguaro cactus, a charming trio of potted succulents, and more. Featuring scenes of plants in both their natural environments and in the homes of loving plant parents, this installment of the PBS series will have tons of variety, and appeal to every kind of plant lover. 

Featured plants will include: 
- Saguaro cactus
- Stargazer lily
- Sunflower
- Trio of potted succulents
- Rose
- Pumpkin vine
- Potted monstera
- Vase of spring flowers (daffodils, tulips, hyacinth)
- Orchid
- White lotus
- Window box of pansies
- Potted banana plant