Paperfold Wild Animals

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You can almost hear the lion’s roar: Announcing an ingeniously fun new idea in paper craft for kids. Think of it as the anti-origami—instead of complicated folds leading to an abstract result, Paperfold Wild Animals uses a punch-out design, two simple types of folds (the classics, “mountain” and “valley”), and beautiful full-color illustration to let kids ages seven and up construct creatures that are satisfying to make and a real spark to the imagination. And they’re especially good for parents, with no scissors required, no glue or tape needed, and no mess to clean up afterward.
Conceived, designed, and illustrated by Megan Montague Cash, Paperfold Wild Animals gives kids everything they need to make ten favorite animals from around the world: lion, giraffe, elephant, tortoise, ibex, orangutan, wolf, kangaroo, crocodile, and bear. But not just a wolf—a howling wolf. Not just an ibex—an ibex with its head down and horns up, ready to charge. Not just a bear, but a bear about to enjoy a meal of the fresh salmon it just scooped out of the water. Lifelike in how they’re shaped and posed, illustrated with realistic markings and graced with expressive features—even a strong sense of personality—they will inspire hours of imaginative play. And the book itself has a special design—it opens out like an accordion that includes punch-out pages, easy directions, and fact cards about every animal.