Plant Grow Harvest Repeat

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Grow A Bounty of Veggies, Fruit, and Flowers

A steady stream of food waiting to be harvested is every vegetable gardener’s dream. And succession planting, carefully planned seed starting carried out throughout the year, can make it a reality. It is a gardening method that Meg Cowden has perfected in her own home garden, and one that she shares in Plant Grow Harvest Repeat.
In this hardworking book, you’ll first learn about succession in natural landscapes, and then draw inspiration from these dynamic systems for your own home garden. Skills you’ll master include integrating perennial and annual crops; determining the sequence in which crops should be planted and replanted; getting the most out of row covers; and incorporating flowers to benefit wildlife and ensure efficient pollination. Cowden provides detailed information about how to do this anywhere, regardless of your climate, and supplements her lucid text and dazzling photos with helpful lists, charts, and illustrations.
If you are looking to increase your harvest and to grow food through four seasons, Plant Grow Harvest Repeat is a must-read. By following Cowden’s advice, your vegetable garden will be more productive, beautiful, and enjoyable all year long.