Posters for a Green New Deal

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"The Green New Deal is the most exciting idea in American politics for decades––and as theses powerful posters make clear, it’s grabbed the attention not just of policy wonks but of artists who can translate these ideas into images that move us.”––Bill McKibben, bestselling author of Deep Economy
Posters with a purpose. A clarion call for our time, the Green New Deal is a bold and far-reaching legislative plan to fight climate change, create millions of good-paying jobs, promote economic and racial equality, and so much more. In its ambition, it’s a vision that mirrors President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, which helped pull the country out of the Great Depression. And just as WPA artists mustered support for the New Deal with their work, here are 50 powerful posters to champion the Green New Deal. The posters are original, colorful, and visually striking, with text on the back that explains each issue and how the Green New Deal seeks to address it. Perforated pages make them easy to tear out and hang or use as signs at marches and demonstrations, because it’s not just a book to flip through. Climate change affects everything: the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, the places we call home, and the people we love. And the time to act on it is now.