Rainbows Wall Calendar 2024

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Celebrate Pride, every month of the year. 

Celebrate Pride, every month of the year. From artist and Instagram sensation Ramzy Masri, Rainbows proudly follows in the footsteps of original Pride flag designer Gilbert Baker. Each month features captivating photographs infused with the colors and spirit of the LGBTQIA+ flag. Swans of all hues bobbing on the water. A hillside town awash in rainbow colors. The Statue of Liberty as you’ve never seen her before, her welcoming message as poignant as ever. It’s a visually stunning tribute to the spectrum of human gender identity and sexuality—and a reminder of the importance of being authentic and true to who you are. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.

“The struggle isn’t just in June; it is every single day when we look in the mirror and recognize that we are whole and perfect exactly the way we are.”—Ramzy Masri