Raising Baby by the Stars

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In this fun celestial parenting guide, readers will learn all about their child’s birth chart and gain the knowledge they need to understand the intricacies of their child’s star-influenced being. The book is organized into three parts: Your Baby’s Story as Told by the Sky; A Guide to Your Little One’s Mind, Spirit, and Wellness; and Bonding with Your Growing Star. Readers will first dive into the basics of the zodiac, including the Elements and Qualities, the Houses, the Aspects, and more, as well as sign-specific personality profiles for infants and toddlers. Then, readers will discover how to apply these astrological facets to their child, taking a deep dive into important topics like communicating with their little one (for example, a super-communicator Gemini baby may easily latch on to simple sign language words or be the prime candidate for learning a second language early on) and their mental and physical well-being (Taurus tots are likely to downplay their own stress or discomfort and may require gentle encouragement to voice their needs). And in the final section, parents and caregivers will explore their unique parent-child relationships (an Aries parent and Aries child, for example, will connect through any and all outdoor activities but may clash as a result of their being equally hotheaded). The book will offer parents unique insight into their little one’s character, empowering them to support their child’s early-life journey and connect on a deeper level.