Rare Trees

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Forests cover nearly a third of the world's surface, and the trees that make them up include a staggering diversity of mroe than 60,000 species. They include trees that have adapted to thrive on the steepest mountains, high in cloud forests, on dry savannahs, in parched deserts, and in tropical wetlands. The Worldwide ArboretumIn tells the fascinating story of 45 of these trees, all highly endangered, from all around the globe. Readers will revel in the amazing anecdotes about the trees natural attributes and cultural uses. Take the magnolia for example. You might love them for their peachy-white blooms, but did you know that the Magnolia grandis of northern Vietnam, of which there are only 120 speciments left, boasts striking dark-red flowers? The Worldwide Arboretum gives the reader a new appreciation for the importance of trees, and shares actionable steps we can all take to help conserve this critical canopy of life.