Reggie, My Rhinoceros

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What will Hopper do without Reggie?

Hopper is a little blue bird, an oxpecker. He lives on top of Reggie the rhinoceros. Reggie is glad to have Hopper, because he eats up all those pesky flies. And Hopper depends on Reggie—for yummy flies, for shelter from the rain, and for protection from sneaky lions. Reggie also knows all the best silly jokes!

To Hopper, Reggie is invincible . . . but Reggie knows he’s not so young, anymore. He wants to prepare Hopper for life without him—on another rhinoceros, or quite possibly a zebra. Reggie reminds Hopper of all their adventures together, so that Hopper will always have these stories with him. The only problem is Hopper’s habit of exaggerating!

Three atmospheric, wordless illustrations capture Reggie’s peaceful departure. And when Hopper finds a new crew of oxpeckers, he brings his beloved rhinoceros “back to life” with a rousing tale. Remember that time Reggie chased away three—no, three hundred—sneaky lions . . . ?