Repotting Your Life

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At the entrance to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business stands a sign with the words of a former dean of the GSB: “REPOTTING, THAT’S HOW YOU GET NEW BLOOM—YOU SHOULD HAVE A PLAN OF ACCOMPLISHMENT AND WHEN THAT IS ACHIEVED, YOU SHOULD BE WILLING TO START OFF AGAIN.” Author Frances Edmonds encountered this sign while going through her own process of “repotting” and starting life afresh with a move from London to Palo Alto, one of many times she’s undertaken this process in her life. Its words instantly struck her as an ideal universal metaphor for change—anyone who’s ever experienced how the simple act of repotting a plant spurs robust, fresh growth can appreciate the benefits of treating oneself to the human equivalent of that process.

Repotting Your Life lays out four simple, actionable steps to help you navigate the process of recognizing when you may need to create an opportunity to grow in order to revitalize your career, rediscover your passions, and rejuvenate your future.
Step 1 – Rootbound: Know when you need to make a change.
Step 2 – Pots and Pans: Identify what makes you happy and what matters to you most.
Step 3 – Pulling up the Roots: Prepare to end one phase of your life and commit to your repotted future.
Step 4 – Bedding In: Put down new roots and reenergize yourself for your next adventure.
Whether you’re moving to a new city, making a career change, taking up a new hobby, or contemplating any transformation large or small, this book has guidance for you. With verve, wit, and wisdom, Repotting Your Life takes you on a motivational journey of discovery, encouraging you to set aside what is no longer working by designing a thriving life full of fresh possibility.