Responsive Feeding

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The authoritative guide to feeding babies and toddlers “responsively”—the no-fuss method that follows your child’s cues and sets the stage for healthy eating!

When should I start my baby on solids? Should I offer purees— or try baby-led weaning? What if my toddler rejects new foods? Feeding therapist Melanie Potock has answers to all in Responsive Feeding. The secret? Tune in to your child’s cues, and you’ll know what’s right for her.

With Responsive Feeding, you won’t have to choose between the spoon-led and baby-led approach or cajole your baby to “eat up” when he’s fussy. Instead, every meal becomes a fun learning experience that will engage each of your baby’s senses—and strengthen your bond.
• Gauge your baby’s readiness for solid foods.
• Introduce bold flavors to set the stage for a lifetime of adventurous eating.
• Navigate tricky transitions and picky eating—peacefully.
• Watch your baby become a confident, independent eater!
Potock guides parents along every step of the way, from “to bib or not to bib?” and how to wrangle a “food thrower” to the merits of a “nibble tray” for hangry toddlers and considerations for special needs. Raising a mindful, healthy eater is just a bite away!