Richard Scarry Big Busy Family 2023 Wall Calendar

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Announcing the big, busy calendar for every big, busy family. (Or small one!) And look who it features: Richard Scarry, one of the most beloved children’s authors
ever with more than 160 million books sold. Treasured for 60 years, Richard Scarry’s whimsical drawings and distinctive characters are instantly recognizable across
generations. Wherever you hang the Big Busy Family Calendar, Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, and the rest of the Busytown gang will delight children and invoke nostalgia
in adults. Running a full 17 months, the calendar features ingeniously designed grids with plenty of room for writing down each family member’s daily activities. And we know
how busy weekends can get—which is why you’ll find extra space for Saturday and Sunday. No confusion, no missed appointments. Just easy organization combined
with classic Richard Scarry illustrations. Includes full color stickers and a drop-down storage pocket for receipts and other papers. Printed in South Korea on responsibly
sourced paper.