Sad Animal Facts Weekly Planner 2021

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Kinda sad—but oh, so funny.

Introducing a quirky and engaging weekly planner based on the Instagram phenomenon @SadAnimalFacts that became a New York Times bestselling book. From writer and illustrator Brooke Barker, Sad Animal Facts highlights a different animal species—and the unfortunate truths of its existence—every week with a drawing, a fact, and a dryly hilarious thought bubble communicating what the animal may actually be thinking. Studies show that snails prefer eating in groups to eating alone. (All this lettuce and no one to share it with.) A horse can produce a gallon of sweat in an hour. (That saddle was bone dry a minute ago.) The average worker honeybee produces a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey during her life. (Enjoy that toast.) It’s a gift that will tickle the fancies of animal lovers all year long.
  • Each spread features full-color illustration with a spacious, write-in grid
  • Wire-O Bound for ease of use
  • Printed on uncoated FSC-certified paper