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Joining Golf•ing, Sail•ing and Fish•ing in the new bulging Pocket Dictionary format, Ski•ing is the lexicon with 200 hilarious definitions--completely revised by an inspired Henry Beard, who added 50% new material--and over 50 equally funny line drawings. From advanced skier: anyone who can remain standing while skiing down a mountain for as long as he or she stood in line waiting to go up-to zipper: handy fastener found on skiwear that can be easily operated by anyone who can pick his or her nose while wearing oven mitts--Ski•ing celebrates the obsession.

After a day on the slopes, Ski•ing is the perfect après-ski entertainment--somewhere between le soaking of les tootsies, la long nap, le stiff drink, le big wait at la fancy dump for le lousy meal, and le checking on le airline to see if they have la earlier flight home.