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Remember how you cried when you first arrived at camp? Then sobbed when it was time to leave? From goofy pranks and late-night giggling to life-changing friendships, summer camp is an experience that girls love-and women never forget.

With the warm and nostalgic feel of a scrapbook, Sleepaway transports grown-up campers back to the treasured days of summer and their first taste of independence. Written by Laurie S. Kahn, a former advertising executive (who overcame her disappointment at not being color war captain only when she was named director of radio and television production at Young & Rubicam in New York), Sleepaway collects a hundred years of camp lore, plus vintage photographs, letters, songs, badges, postcards, and autographed pillowcases. Here are stories that instantly evoke memories of a first bunk (remember the smell of damp towels piled up on a rainy day?), of swimming tests and socials (a chance for a first kiss!), of rowdy singalongs, joyous mealtimes, mail call, and the hilarity of a short-sheeted bed. There's a recipe for bug juice; instructions for playing jacks, folding the perfect hospital corner, and making a lanyard; camp packing lists; Best Make-Out Songs by Decade; and--at last!--the complete lyrics to John Jacob Jingelheimer Schmidt. A perfect gift for every woman who wishes she still had name tags in her clothes.