Slithering, Scaly Tattoo Snakes & Other Reptiles

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Snakes and reptiles are a fascinating favorite of animal lovers of all ages. These cool and creepy creatures slither, swim, stalk, and crawl across every page of Slithering, Scaly Tattoo Snakes & Reptiles. From the venomous Viper and Gila Monster to the nocturnal Gecko and camouflaging Chameleon, reptile-crazy kids will love to wear temporary art of their favorite species! 60 colorfully illustrated temporary tattoos are scientifically accurate and easy to apply with just a little water. Each featured species is accompanied by fun and fascinating facts. Did you know that the Texas Horned Lizard can startle predators by squirting blood from their eyes at a distance of up to five feet? Or that the Collared Lizard can run using only its back legs? Kids will love quizzing their friends on newly learned animal trivia while showing off their interesting ink.