Stuck in the Game

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Noah promised himself he would never use the world’s most popular MMORPG—the Dream State. He’d already lost too many friends to the addictive virtual world.

But after a devastating car accident leaves Noah paralyzed and his brain injured, he’s been forced into the game. The Dream Engine keeps Noah’s mind alive while doctors frantically work to heal his body. As long as he stays in the lower levels, he will be safe. 

Meanwhile, Noah’s girlfriend, Sue, is suffering injuries from the same car crash, and the doctors grow confused when she seemingly fails to connect to the game. A mysterious avatar suggests to Noah that the last remnants of Sue’s consciousness are being held prisoner in the most dangerous part of the game. But dying in the game could send Noah into a coma forever.

Determined to rescue her, Noah levels up and rises through the ranks, allying with high-level players and unearthing forbidden secrets, including a sinister cover up. Now top players from across the world are hunting him.

Can Noah stay alive long enough to save Sue, expose the cover up, and escape the game?