Tall Perennials

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Grow up instead of out with tall perennials. These towering giants spice up borders, create drama, and can stop passers-by in their tracks, leaving them to wonder, What on earth is that?

Tall Perennials features Roger Turner's hand-picked selection of high-performing perennials that all check in at over five feet. Spiky and ferocious, statuesque and architectural, bold and brilliantly colored, these are larger-than-life, hardy, and easy-to-grow plants that help create scale and proportion in gardens of any size.

Split into two parts, Tall Perennials includes introductory chapters on the plant characteristics and combination ideas. The second part is a plant directory of more than 600 perennials.Whether you are an urban gardener looking to create the illusion of space or just looking for a new and unusual plant, Tall Perennials will help you create impact, surprise, and excitement in your garden.