The Art of Mushrooming

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A one-of-a-kind, vibrant, illustrated guide to more than a hundred common and charismatic mushroom species found across the northern hemisphere, with engaging storytelling that explores the intersection between mushrooms and art and over 120 whimsical illustrations

Everyone from beginner mushroomers to advanced mycophiles can learn about the edible, the poisonous, and the strange—from candy caps to earth stars, puffballs to poison pie, prized chanterelles, morels, and hedgehogs, to deadly destroying angels. There are mushrooms named after fairies and demons, phallic specimens prized as aphrodisiacs and mushrooms that are the color of precious jewels. There are mushrooms that look so much like woodland birds they are shot at by hunters and mushrooms that literally glow in the dark.

Written by artist and educator Diane Borsato, The Art of Mushrooming also looks at the culture of nature and the ways contemporary artists use mushrooms to explore the unexpected wilderness of cities, how to live more sustainably with other beings, what happens to our bodies after we die, and new ways for us to perceive the world and to see ourselves.

Start foraging wherever you are: in the forest, the city park, the market, or the museum. Read this mushroomer’s manifesto to learn how “the quiet hunt” is a way for us to connect to nature with greater intimacy and intelligence.