The Catch of a Lifetime

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A moving collection of over 70 first-person accounts that describe the love of flyfishing and recall that one catch of a lifetime.

Major league hitters can often recall the pitch they hit for a homerun. Quarterbacks, likewise, can remember each pass they launched for a touchdown. So too, every flyfisher remembers their catch of a lifetime: the direction of the wind, the length of the cast, the leaps and surges of the fish, the bruises on their knuckles from a fast-spinning reel. The Catch of a Lifetime is a collection of prolific, beautiful and evocative essays on the joys of fly fishing and that one sacred catch. Author Peter Kaminsky has asked over 70 passionate flyfishers to recall that singular golden moment when everything fell into place. Maybe it was the biggest fish, or maybe it was the most challenging one, or maybe it was just about the experience, or the company. In Peter’s case, it wasn’t the 200-pound tuna he fought—and lost—against the shore in Montauk. It was a plump brown trout, dappled with fire-engine red spots in a yellow halo, barely 14” and caught early one summer morning as mist rose off the Esopus Creek.

Each contributor has shared their most memorable story. Together, the words are transportive. The diverse list of contributors is a who’s who in the angler world—from legendary and award-winning authors and writers such as Carl Hiassen and Nick Lyons; journalists and prominent figures in the fly fishing world such as Joan Wulff, Paige Wallace, Cathy Newman, Rachel Maddow and founder of FlyLords, Jared Zissu, to celebrity anglers, like Tom Colicchio, Brittany Howard, and more. The book will feature inspirational imagery throughout.