The Complete Book of Groundcovers

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Groundcovers are an essential part of any garden. Functionally, they suppress weeds, reduce maintenance and control erosion. Aesthetically, they soften hard edges, visually knit together other garden plants and features, and create a canvas to showcase sculpture.
The Complete Book of Groundcovers by professional nurseryman Gary Lewis, shares 500 outstanding varieties, from Acaena to Xanthorhiza. Each plant profile includes botanic and common names, hardiness zones, size and habit, native ranges, and details on special hybrids or varieties. A chapter on planting provides trusted information on care and maintenance and details on how to successfully use groundcovers in garden designs. Helpful lists of groundcovers by type help the reader find the perfect plant for every purpose. The Complete Book of Groundcovers will appeal to horticulture professionals, garden and landscape designers, and experienced home gardener seeking a thorough guide.