The Diabetic Goodie Cookbook

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A definitive collection of classic desserts and sweets—from chocolate chip cookies to blueberry cobbler—tailored for diabetics to enjoy (and share)!

As anyone with diabetes knows all too well: It’s not easy to find treats and sweets that won’t wreck your blood sugar! And it’s harder still to dodge the yucky artificial sweeteners that appear in so many recipes and products.

Here comes The Diabetic Goodie Cookbook to the rescue, with over 190 recipes to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths—magically assembled with whole grains, little to no added salt or sugar, and nary an artificial sweetener in sight!

Fudgy Brownies, Blueberry Nectarine Crisp, Creamy Ricotta Cheesecake, and more delights reduce risk of high blood sugar and cholesterol without sacrificing taste. Plus, here is guidance on carb counting, food labels, nutrition claims, and snacking to help readers safely enjoy dessert every single day!