The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published

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A complete author's toolkit: The guide that demystifies every step of the publishing process.

No matter what type of book you want to write—fiction, nonfiction, humor, sci-fi, romance, cookbook, children's book—here is how to take an idea you're passionate about, develop it into a manuscript or proposal, get it published, and deliver it into the hands and hearts of readers. Includes interviews with dozens of publishing insiders—agents, editors, besteslling authors, and booksellers. Real-life success stories and the lessons they impart. Plus sample proposals and query letters, a resource guide, and more.

Updated to cover ebooks, self-publishing, digital marketing, the power of social media, and more.

This complete author's toolkit includes information on:
- locating, luring, and landing an agent
- perfecting your pitch
- the nuts and bolts of a book proposal
- conquering the query letter
- finding the right publisher for YOU
- four steps to reaching readers online
- making Amazon work for you
- kickstarting your Kickstarter campaign
- the ins and outs of ebooks
- 10 things you should have on your author website
- turning rejection into a book deal
- new frontiers in self-publishing