The Handbook for a Happy Cat

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Even the cutest young kitten is a wild predator by nature—so how can a human cat lover understand what their pet actually wants and needs? The Handbook for a Happy Cat delves into the feline psyche to explain:
  • How does a cat experience the world?
  • What does my cat think of other cats?
  • How “smart” is a cat?
  • When should I be worried that my cat feels unwell?
  • Which toys will my cat love the most?
  • How can I reduce straying from the litterbox, scratching furniture, and other problem behaviors?
  • What will take the stress out of vet visits?
  • And more!
Cat behavior expert Liesbeth Puts also explains dozens of feline signals typically misread by humans (for example, the cat-to-cat “play signal,” often mistaken for fighting). This is the essential guide for first-time cat adopters—and replete with information that will surprise even devoted, longtime owners!