The Handbook for a Happy Cat

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A standout easy-reference guide to cat care and psychology—filled with irresistible photos!

One reason cats fascinate us is that they are so unlike us: Their ears, more than eyes, show their feelings. On our laps, they are purring lovebugs; on the prowl, they are fearsome apex predators—with territorial instincts to match. This makes it hard for us humans to understand our cats as well as we love them. Thank goodness feline behaviorist Liesbeth Puts is here to help!
  • 120 color photos throughout set this ahead of the competition
  • Abundant subheads steer readers to the answers they seek (“Can I convert an outside cat to inside?”)
  • Chapters on bonding and rivalry among cats, stopping problem behaviors, surefire toys and games, when to see the vet, caring for older cats, and more!