The Heirloom Gardener

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Modern life is a cornucopia of technological wonders. But when we spend so much time glued to our phones and computer screens, something precious is lost: a sense of connection to the generations that have preceded us.
John Forti is acutely aware of this loss, and his mission is to heal it. In The Heirloom Gardener, he celebrates and shares the lore and traditional practices that link us with the natural world and with each other. Arranged alphabetically, entries include from heirloom flowers like beebalm, Johnny-jump-ups, and nasturtiums; traditional skills such as distilling, wreath-making, and brewing cordials; and subjects such as ethnobotany, biodiversity, and organic growing. In every entry, Forti highlights the ways in which these plants and practices can enrich modern life. Each entry is accompanied by a charming woodcut illustration, resulting in an appealing package that will inspire readers slow down, recharge, and reconnect.