The National Parks Scavenger Hunt

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This fun-filled guide shares an exciting scavenger hunt for every American National Park—featuring natural history factoids and fun and educational ways to get kids engaged with nature.

Turn every trip into an outdoor adventure for the whole family with these fun-filled scavenger hunts! The National Parks Scavenger Hunt is a great travel companion, as it encourages the whole family to enjoy the sights as they learn about the most majestic of American landscapes. With lists of 5-12 objects for each park, kids can look for, discover, and truly absorb fun and educational facts about each park. To keep it challenging, some of the parks’ iconic features are listed alongside lesser-known gems—like off-the-beaten path waterfalls, harlequin ducks, and regional wildflowers. The National Parks Scavenger Hunt provides hands-on, simple activities that help families be present in the moment while making lasting memories. It’s an activity book, travel guide, and keepsake all rolled into one.