The New Gay Wedding

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Times have changed—and with them, so have the rules. Introducing a mini ebook for today’s gay and lesbian weddings and commitment ceremonies, covering what to call the event, who pays for what, and the right way to word a same-sex wedding invitation. From the nitty-gritty (what are your state’s requirements for making it legal?) to the fun-and-pretty (what to wear!), THE NEW GAY WEDDING is a handy one-stop shop for gay couples planning their big day.

Packed with Q&As from brides- and grooms-to-be and their families and friends, this adaptation from STEVEN PETROW’S COMPLETE GAY & LESBIAN MANNERS covers what’s unique about gay weddings (how to find LGBT-friendly wedding vendors, the roles of family members), but also provides a practical overview of the parts that aren’t: how to save money on the venue, the purpose of rehearsal dinner, and the art and timing of the thank-you note.

Steven Petrow, former president of the National Gay & Lesbian Journalists Association, is a syndicated writer on LGBT manners for The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Shine, LOGO, and the “Q” Syndicate. The same-sex wedding expert for The New York Times, he has also written for The Advocate, The Los Angeles Times, Salon, The Daily Beast, and His previous books include The Essential Book of Gay Manners & Etiquette and When Someone You Know Has AIDS. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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