The People’s Lands

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In 44 states and Puerto Rico, National Forests are home to nearly 10,000 species of plants and 3,000 species of wildlife, including thousands of threatened and endangered species. These 193 million acres of forests, mountains, deserts, and grasslands are called “The People’s Lands” for a reason. More accessible than our national parks, more geographically diverse than Bureau of Land Management lands, and vaster than wildlife reserves, America’s National Forests welcome more than 170 million people every year.

Still, these lands are often poorly understood by the very visitors who enjoy them. With Our National Forests, Greg Peters will change that, revealing the challenges and successes contained within these forests, and what the future may hold for these amazing places. From the story of how the Forest Service grows millions of seedlings in the West each year, to their efforts to save the hellbender salamander (aka “the last dinosaur”) in Appalachia, the narrative will span the breadth of the country and its diverse ecology. People are at the center of the stories, whether the dedicated folks in the Forest Service, or the everyday citizens who support and tend to the protected lands near their homes.