The Planets Are Very, Very, Very Far Away

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You’ve never seen the solar system like this before.
Quick: Picture the solar system! If you see nine planets closely ringing the sun on tidy, nested circular tracks, we have bad news for you: You have been lied to—likely by every diagram you’ve ever seen. And not without reason: We have to draw the solar system that way to fit it onto a placemat, say, or a lunchbox, or even into an ordinary book. But that familiar diagram is wrong about almost everything . . . and that’s why this is no ordinary book.
The Planets Are Very, Very, Very Far Away sets the record straight with pages that unfold not once, but twice—to fully five feet wide together!—to capture our nearest planetary neighbors at scale. We start at a trillion-to-one scale, which makes the Sun about the size of a dime. And five feet away from our dime-sized Sun, we find . . . Earth, about the size of a pinhead (enlarged for visibility)!
A trillion-to-one scale is not nearly small enough to fit our solar system into a book (or even onto a soccer field)! How small do we need to go? Unfold the next three spreads to find out . . .