The Rescue Effect

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The Rescue Effect by Michael Mehta Webster begins where The Sixth Extinction ended. We know hope for the planet is in short supply, and we must reverse the dire effects of climate change, but how? In The Rescue Effect, we learn that hope is found in nature itself through the regenerative systems that help it survive in the face of environmental challenges. The natural world has a series of systems—called rescue effects—that automatically kick in to help organisms when their environment changes. We can use nature’s natural resiliency to help reverse climate change.

In this importand book, Webster details what scientists are finding as they dig deeper into how nature rescues species on its own. He explores specific rescue effects (reproduction, genetics, geography, evolution, and more).  As the chapters unfold, each of these rescue effects are revealed in compelling stories of how species—like tigers in the jungles of India, cichlid fish in the great rift lakes of Africa, and mountain pygmy-possums in the snowy mountaintops of southeastern Australia—are keeping up with a changing world, either on their own, or with the help of people. And people play a huge role in The Rescue Effect. Rescuing our environment is not passive. Nature doesn’t save itself without our effort. It takes people working in concert with nature to reverse climate change.