The Secret World of Weather

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A landmark work by New York Times–bestselling author Tristan Gooley reveals the hidden wonders of his most universal subject yet

Every cloud, every drop in temperature, every sunbeam conveys a secret message . . . if you know what to look for. In The Secret World of Weather, groundbreaking natural navigator Tristan Gooley turns his signature brand of close observation to the weather—the ever-shifting alchemy of heat, water, and air.

Gooley goes beyond the forecast to change our very idea of what weather is. The weather doesn’t just blanket an area; it changes as you walk through the woods or turn down a street. You’ll discover distinct microclimates on opposite sides of a tree—and even beneath a blade of grass! By reading the weather, we begin to understand how it shapes our cities, woods, and hills. You’ll never see your surroundings the same way again.