The Solvers Book #2: The Shrinking Setback

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Fractions? Simple. Decimals? No problem! Evil villains? Bring ‘em on! Thanks to the Solvers, learning math has never been this fun!

In this graphic novel series, a crew of crime-fighting kid superheroes teach readers ages 8 and up foundational math skills, such as fractions and decimals, as they battle their evil nemesis, Null Void. All math concepts are presented with fully illustrated step-by-step instructions and tons of superhero themed visual examples. 

When The Solvers accidentally drink a shrinking potion, the pint-sized superheroes must learn all about fractions and decimals to mix an antidote and stop supervillain Null Void from taking over the city! Throughout the action-packed narrative, clear, step-by-step instructions and illustrated, superhero-themed examples introduce readers to fractions and decimals and then teach how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them, in a super easy-to-understand way.
Full of helpful math instruction that aligns with national math standards—and epic superhero action—the second installment of this graphic learning series is perfect for the reader who loves math, the reader who hates math, the reader who needs a refresher, and the superhero enthusiast. Written by a seasoned comics artist and vetted by a math teacher, this is a brand-new way to get your child excited about math!