The Surfer and the Sage

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Sometimes life’s waves knock you down; other times, life might seem to sweep you along powerless, on a wave of malaise. But the choice is always yours to swim back up to the light. World champion surfer Shaun Tomson and Pultizer-nominated poet Noah benShea join forces to guide you down a path of purpose, hope, and faith. This gentle guidebook alternates between Tomson’s essays relating the surf experience to life's big waves and benShea’s spiritual commentary, accented with full-color surfing photographs.

After losing his son, Tomson walked the bitter road of loss and crossed from darkness into the light. The Surfer and the Sage addresses the ten relentless, breaking waves of life, from loss and aging to relationships and depression, and guides you to transformation. It is not a list of rules to follow that guarantee success, health, or wealth, but rather a collection of advice from two guides who have traveled far and wide and suffered deeply, but still look forward to tomorrow with faith and hope.