The Time Nature Keeps

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Set your clock to the natural world—and experience eye-opening infographics from nature's longest sleepers to the lightning-fast communications of bacteria

How far do different birds migrate and for how long? How fast do viruses spread in town versus the countryside—and where are you safest? Do dogs really need more sleep than humans? How long does it take an immortal jellyfish to die? Take an infographic journey of discovery through the animal and plant kingdoms—and become an expert on the rhythms of nature! 

As nature draws our attention to its plight, these infographics shed light on the truly remarkable range of the natural world—how plants and animals grow and age, sleep and migrate, and reproduce and die. Spanning ideas both big and small—from evolution to animal behavior—The Time Nature Keeps is a visual trove of nature's clocks that explains our world's cadences at a glance.