The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest

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The creators of the award-winning podcast Circle Round, produced by WBUR radio (Boston's NPR station), bring their beloved combination of folktales and storytelling activities to book form in the first branded Circle Round book series. Podcast host, Rebecca Sheir, has uncovered folktales from a broad range of traditions, all exploring timeless values, such as kindness, generosity, acceptance, and more. The Tale of the Unwelcome Guest, a story with roots in Turkey as well as several other cultures, explores the themes of superficiality and how misleading it can be to judge others by their appearance. The colorful illustrations of Turkish-born artist Mert Tugen complement Sheir's original adaptation of the story of Nasruddin and his clever way of awakening his community to the dangers of judging someone based solely on their outer appearance. Specially designed to be read aloud and shared, the story is accompanied by questions and prompts for conversation, along with creative storytelling activities developed by educator Melissa Taylor, creator of the popular website Imagination Soup.