The Constitution Decoded

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Starting with three simple words—“We the People”—the Framers of the Constitution created a slim document that’s guided the United States ever since and evolves along with it. But what exactly does it say? How does it work in practice? And what should we know about this collection of ideas and how it guides our lives as citizens with rights and responsibilities?

The Constitution Decoded answers these and other questions in a way that’s never been done before. Written with impeccable clarity and illustrated in a style that brings America’s early days to life, this fascinating guide explains the Constitution literally word by word, sentence by sentence, idea by idea, giving readers a true understanding of not only how the Framers envisioned the United States, but also why they made the choices they did. Here’s why, for example, the United States has three branches of government—legislative, executive, judicial. How bills become laws. Why we have the right to free speech. And how we can change the Constitution as our country evolves.

Packed with historical context and figures, vocabulary, anecdotes, and trivia, this book is an accessible yet richly layered work that belongs in every family library.