Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Page-a-Day 2023

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With 1.5 million copies sold, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader is the perennially popular calendar—adapted from the hilariously offbeat book series—for the 68 percent of Americans who say they read in the bathroom. Each page is pure fun, with a weird factoid, oddball anecdote, absorbing question, or other amusing tidbit to ponder on the throne. Wacky Legal Briefs, like the Dutch man who tried to legally change his age from 69 to 49 to be more appealing to women. (Case thrown out.) “Only in Florida” headlines: Thousands of Gun Owners in Florida Planning to “Shoot Down” Hurricane Irma. Plus the GoBidet Handheld Bidet and other Toilet Tech, 21-Flush Salutes, and food flops: Did you know that in 2014, McDonald’s test-marketed bubble-gum flavored broccoli? Ugh. Printed in Thailand on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable