Wake Up Grateful

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With a growing body of researching demonstrating the tremendous social, physical, and mental health benefits of gratitude, Kristi Nelson invites readers to join her on the path to feeling fully alive and grateful no matter what circumstances or challenges life presents. Building on the groundbreaking universal teachings of Brother David Steindl-Rast, dubbed “the Grandfather of Gratitude” by Oprah Winfrey, and using her own affecting story of surviving Stage IV cancer as a framework, Nelson recounts how she learned to embrace uncertainty, fear, and vulnerability through gratitude practice, and opened the door to living with great fullness of heart. After an in-depth exploration of the guiding principles to living gratefully, readers embark on the journey of cultivating their own grateful living practice, with series of real-world exercises, meditations, and reflections. Each is anchored in the states of consciousness necessary to lead a more grateful life: to be fully present, to see with fresh eyes, and to be open to ever-present possibility. The profound gift Nelson offers through her story and perspective is transformative, reconnecting readers with the joy of being alive.