We Are the ARK

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If not us, who?If not now, when? If not here, where?
The loss of biodiversity is rapidly reducing the ability of the earth to maintain clean air and water and to provide food and habitat for all her creatures—including us. All creatures play a vital role in the circle of life. When a gap appears in that circle or a strand of that web disappears, the system gets weaker and closer to collapse.  We must take direct action to alleviate the unjustifiable stress on the individual plants and animals and other life forms we share our planet with.
How do we do it?  Through acts of restorative kindness and by making our gardens and public landscapes ARKs. An ARK is a restored, native ecosystem. It’s a thriving patch of native plants and creatures that have been allowed to re-establish in the earth’s intelligent, successional process of natural restoration. Over time, this land becomes a pantry and a habitat for pollinators and wild creatures who are in desperate need of support.
These ARK-building actions are within our control and will move our lives back towards balance and expand our sense of well-being. And in We Are the Ark, the ground-breaking garden designer Mary Reynolds details exactly how home gardeners can play a role, no matter the size of their space.