Welcome to the Grief Club

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Welcome to the Grief Club—a place where one human who experienced a terrible loss, Janine Kwoh, is at the door to welcome other humans who are grieving. It is not an instruction manual, or a step-by-step playbook, or a memoir. It is, rather, a fresh, empathetic approach to all of the surprising, confusing, brutal, funny, and downright bizarre parts of grief.
Combining her own experiences with grief—the author’s partner died when both were in their late 20s—with what she learned from others in her “grief club,” Kwoh uses brief writings and observations, hand-drawn illustrations, and diagrams to explore all the different ways grief happens. Plus, wisdom and understanding in every line—There is no right or wrong way to grieve—and permission to grieve in whichever ways you need, for however long you need to. What to do when the world is your grief trigger. Signs you have grief brain. And gentle assurances: Grief isn’t linear, but it does change and will soften over time.
It is a book to put into the hands of anyone who is grieving, because from its very first page, that person will know they are no longer alone.