What a Blast!

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Kids love farts, and they’re not embarrassed to admit it (or emit it). There’s something intrinsically funny and fascinating about a fart, whether it’s one’s own or another’s. So get ready to blast off!

What a Blast! written by Julie Winterbottom, author of Pranklopedia and Frightlopedia together with 325,000 copies in print, is a cheerfully over-the-top illustrated celebration of farts, packed with activities and delivering science and fun in a way that kids can’t get enough of.

Take a trip through the body’s digestive system to learn why and how we fart—which we do, on average, 10 to 20 times per day (luckily, 99% of farts are entirely odorless). Find out about what is likely the fartiest food in the world: the Jerusalem artichoke, a root vegetable that is positively loaded with gas-producing inulin. Complete a fart-slang word search, and then come up with your own words for farts. Get everything you need to throw a fart party, including recipes like Butt Bongo Bean Dip and games like Pass the Gas (think tag with farts). And meet infamous farters from history, including Joseph Pujol, aka Le Petomane, a fartiste who entertained 19th-century France by tooting songs, imitating animals, and blowing out candles with his farts. Plus the origins of the whoopee cushion, what to say if you fart in public—yeah, you heard me—and jokes. So. Many. Jokes: How do you make a regular bath into a bubble bath? Hint: Jerusalem artichoke . . .