Wheat Cookin' Made Easy

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After finding 10,000 pounds of wheat delivered to her doorstep, cooking expert Pam Crockett knew she had to learn how to use it. And after cooking literally thousands of dishes over many years, Pam become not only an expert on the whole wheat kernel, its history and its nutritional benefit, but she had become a grain gourmet. Now, with more than 250 recipes, Pam shares in Wheat Cookin’ Made Easy how to create the best, the most nutritious, the most delicious and, of course, the easiest and quickest recipes available for those interested in cooking with whole grain wheat. Wheat Cookin’ Made Easy includes the history of what has become the bread of life as well recipes for breads and biscuits, recipes best suited for bread machines, breakfasts, crackers and pastas, desserts, sourdough options, main dishes, muffins and sweet breads, soups and salads, and recipes for the kids. Wheat Cookin’ Made Easy is the most comprehensive cookbook written for the wheat connoisseur!