Why Do I Feel So Worried?

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An illustrated flowchart guides kids to the right calming activity for every kind of anxiety

Children aren’t exempt from the effects of today’s stressful world. They need resources for anxiety—and Why Do I Feel So Worried? is here to help. It’s full of simple, evidence-based practices presented in a decision-tree format, with directions kids can follow to:

  • Name the emotion they’re struggling with (like stress)
  • Figure out its source (for instance, homework problems)
  • Calm down with an easy activity (such as a soothing script)

Throughout, there are grown-up notes explaining the psychology behind different activities, so caretakers can choose how much they participate based on their child’s needs. Kids might not always be able to solve what’s worrying them—but with Why Do I Feel So Worried?, they can learn to respond positively and build strong lifelong coping skills for better mental health.