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Daniel J. Hinkley is widely recognized as one of the foremost modern plant explorers and one of the world’s leading plant collectors. He has also created two outstanding private gardens—Heronswood and Windcliff. Both gardens, and the story of how one begat the other, are beautifully celebrated in Hinkley’s new book, Windcliff.
Readers will delight in Hinkley’s retelling of the creation of his garden, the stories of the plants that fill its space, and in his sage advice on gardening and plant selection. Readers will also cherish Hinkley’s spirited ruminations on the audacity and importance of garden-making—contemplations on the beauty of a sunflower turning its neck from dawn to dusk, the way a plant’s scent can spur a memory, and much more. Filled with Clair Takacs’ otherworldly photography, Windcliff is spectacular for both its physical beauty and the quality of information it contains. It is a must-read for every passionate gardener and a must-have gift book for gardeners and plant lovers.