Work It! 17-Month Desk Jotter 2020

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Feel productive and in control all year long!

Work It! is a completely fresh take on the desk blotter. With 17 months of calendar grids (August 2019 through December 2020), it includes ample room for noting plans, events, and reminders (with cheerful headers like “Keep it up!” to remind you that you can power through anything). And every month features a fun bonus page with quirky prompts, call logs, check-off lists (helpfully divided into Appointments, Projects, Tasks, and Messages), and room for creative doodling. Plus, there are vouchers to pass out to colleagues and friends, like an “instant good mood” card, a fill-in Mantra of the Month card, and a coupon for asking for a giant favor. Let’s get to work!

17-month padded desk calendar features reinforced corners to prevent paper curl.
  • The get-it-all done desk jotter designed and illustrated by Mary Kate McDevitt
  • Full 17-month calendar begins August 2019
  • Bonus page each month with coupons and pick-me-ups!--for doodling and more creative fun