You Are Positively Awesome

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Sometimes it feels as though we’re the only ones struggling. We compare our wobbly days to a constant stream of shiny social media photos. We lose our sparkle and forget that we, too, deserve attention and kindness.  
You Are Positively Awesome is a colorful, practical, extra dose of self-love. We all weather difficult days: Sometimes we just wake up needing a reminder that it’s okay not to have it all together all the time. This book is for those days—a rainbow of good vibes, self-care prompts, space to record our thoughts, and words to live by. Full of friendly advice on how and why to love ourselves, this little book will help you:
  • Develop compassion for yourself (even on the stormy days) 
  • Set boundaries, be kind to yourself and others, and overcome challenges with a smile
  • Separate your self-worth from things like wealth, health, age, and relationship status
  • Shine like the (twinkletastic) star you are!