Your Baby Can Self-Feed, Too

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No matter what challenges they face, your baby can self-feed, too!

One in four children has feeding challenges and difficulty eating. If your child is one of them, mealtimes may be a struggle. Whether the reason is neurodiversity (such as Down syndrome), feeding aversion, or a medical condition, feeding therapist Jill Rabin and baby-led weaning pioneer Gill Rapley are here to help with a groundbreaking new approach for parents, caregivers, and health professionals alike: adapted baby-led weaning (ABLW). Find out how to:
  • Respond to your baby’s signals and appetite—and trust their abilities.
  • Improve your baby’s chewing, posture, sensory development, and fine motor skills.
  • Use “bridge devices,” like silicone feeders, to encourage independent eating.
  • Support your baby to eat real, healthy food and enjoy mealtimes with the rest of the family.